Harbour Youth Services is proud to support the nomination of The Blue Door Bistro  for a “Quality of Life Award”.

In 2013, we approached this fledgling business to ask for support of our signature charity fundraiser, The Amazing Raising Cash for Kids Race.  Anyone experiencing the challenges of a new business start-up can attest to the financial stress that can ensue.  Hollie & Craig clearly saw the bigger picture and opted to do their part to help make a positive social impact on the community in which they operate.  The entire family pitched in to deliver a bountiful array of their homemade wholesome pastries for over 100 individuals participating in the event.  The pride in their work is evident and we have been pleased to see that their business continues to grow along with their strong ties to their community.  They are clearly demonstrating that healthy communities are born of individuals and groups working together for the common good.

Joanne Tomlinson
Program Manager
Harbour Youth Services

“The Service and food at The Blue Door Bistro is beyond amazing. The passion they have for their business clearly shines through in the quality of food they prepare for their guests. You always get a friendly smile when you enter, and a “See you soon” when you leave. The Blue Door Bistro delivers a memorable culinary experience each and every time, and they certainly deserve this nomination for a Chamber award.”

Curtis Dudley