1.5 portions per person are served

assorted baked goods, served cold: ie – muffins, loaves, turn-overs


Candied-Peppered Bacon

served w/ an egg & old cheddar cheese, on an English muffin

Smoked Ham & Swiss

served w/ an egg, on an English muffin


served w/ an egg, julienne vegetables, maple sausage & old cheddar cheese, on an English muffin


served w/ an egg, balsamic bruschetta, parmesan & mozzarella cheeses, on an English muffin

Multi-grain Bagel BLT

candy-peppered bacon, egg, lettuce & tomato

Savoury Persian

Bakery Persian, sliced & grilled on the flat top, then made into a sandwich w/ your choice of candy-peppered bacon, smoked ham or maple sausage w/ an egg & old cheddar cheese

Banana Bread Monty Cristo

Smoked ham & Swiss cheese

Chicken & Waffle

lettuce & tomato, served open-face w/ smoked hot sauce dijon drizzle



minimum 10 people

Banana Bread French Toast – 2 pieces per person

Buttermilk Pancakes – 2 pancakes per person

Belgian Waffle – 1 waffle per person

EGG SCRAMBLERS – 2 eggs per person


balsamic bruschetta & parmesan cheese

Trio Meat

candy-peppered bacon, smoked ham & maple sausage w/ dijon drizzle

Maple Sausage Western

julienne vegetables & green onions

Trio Cheese

gorgonzola, mozzarella & parmesan cheeses

Smoked Ham & Spinach

w/ olive & feta drizzle

Missing a little something? Additional sides available:

home-style, oven-roasted potatoes

double-smoked candied peppered bacon (2 strips)

smoked back bacon (2 pieces)

in-house made maple breakfast sausage (2 balls)

seasonal fresh fruits